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Have you ever believed you were made for more?

for along time I knew I had a powerful in my hand but didn’t know what do with it, I didn’t know what value I could provide to the engineering profession, I felt like I didn’t have enough experience and that I had a little value to add.

but always there is a little voice in my head that tell me ” if I only were that awesome, I could do this or that with my passion and my life”

what I came to realize in the last years is that is not about smart or luck.


The people who are succeeding, they are doing so because they take steps, little steps, every day, learning more and more, simply they believe they are in charge.

EACOM was established to provide and share the construction management and techniques knowledge for all engineers.

to spread the best practices to improve not only our career but also the all people life.

Life is our project, we are the engineers

Our Goals


To the optimist, the glass is half full.
To the pessimist, the glass is half empty.
As engineers we believe that the glass is twice as big as it need to be.



Managerial and Engineering ability is an important element  in an increasingly global and diverse environment.

Combining learned knowledge and techniques for effective decision-making while leveraging technology knowledge is a highly in-demand skill.



The projects we have completed demonstrate what we know, but the future projects decide what we will learn.

We will help you to gain the knowledge with bridge the gap between theoretical and practical applications.


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